This Chinese New Year why not present these limited edition Kaya Boy CNY gift packs to family and friends. Start the Year of the “NIU” (Ox) with the authentic sweetness and flavour of the creamy kaya which is fast selling out. The new packaging comes complete in a red box […]

By V. Sivaji Not many people will know what “Ananas Comosus” is in scientific terms, butĀ  in layman’s term, it is the ever popular pineapple. The juicy, bright yellow fruit is a favourite for desserts or just a snack for many. Now, the small town of Gopeng which is 20minutes […]

By V. Sivaji With their slogan, “Dine like a Don Everyday” the newly opened Uncledon’s outlet in Ipoh will surely be a crowd puller for the “Ipoh Taikos” for a night out. The locally inspired restaurant chain has a fusion of local and western dishes with complete bar facilities. Be […]

By V. Sivaji The Anderson Curry HouseĀ is an “institution” when it comes to authentic banana leaf meals along with their sizzling tandoori in Ipoh.The restaurant is located in the compounds of the Anderson School which was founded in 1909. The restaurant has been serving finger licking food since the past […]