Pangkor Island in Perak

The Malaysia Budget & Business Hotel Association highlighted the recent water supply issues on the island of Pangkor which has affected its members and hotel operators.

“The water disruption has affected tourists and also brought losses to hotel operators on the popular tourist island.

“We would like to bring to the attention of all responsible parties that we have received feedback from hotel operators who our members in Pangkor Island who are suffering losses following the failure of the Lembaga Air Perak (LAP) and the State Government to immediately resolve the issue of water supply on the holiday island.

“The effects of insufficient and inconsistent water supply have caused tourists to cancel their vacations on Pangkor Island and have directly contributed to huge losses to the tourism industry entrepreneurs and also the local economy.

“Therefore, we call on the authorities to immediately go to the field and hold a meeting together with the hoteliers on Pangkor Island in an effort to find an immediate solution to the water supply problem in addition to ensuring that the promotional efforts for Visit Perak Year 2024 are not affected or damaged”, said MyBha national president and secretary general of Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) Dr Sri Ganesh Michiel in a press statement.