Sunway City Ipoh’s organic farm

Great things are happening at the Sunway City Ipoh’s organic farm in Tambun.

They are keeping “organic” to its true sense as they produce quality and without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Their produce is grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers, among others. 

The farm is some 20 acres and i set among a forest of greenery at The Banjaran Hotspring Resort, a luxurious eco-retreat.

The extensive ground plays home to rows of organically grown herbs and vegetables. Their varieties could rival the local farmers’ market. 

A team of growers go out into the field to mow and sow in those beds. They weed and apply all-natural fertilisers; irrigate the crops with water from the mountain; and spend many interminable mornings transplanting seedlings in sunstroke heat or harvesting root crops in torrential rain.

Regular crop diversification and rotations are instituted following the changing of the seasons. This system keeps the farm and its soil vibrant year after year, with little waste.

The flurry of horticultural activities documents the pastoral realities of organic farming. 

Sunway City Ipoh organic farm was born from Sunway Group’s deep commitment to sustainable development. 

The Group’s founder and chairman Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah long ago created a blueprint for townships to run sustainably: green buildings, solar energy, water treatment, waste diversion, everything recycled. Besides job creation, the organic movement would be a return to ecological health.

One thing the organic farm in Sunway City Ipoh is teaching us: humans need to start learning to oblige the tenets of the land. Otherwise the consequences for ecosystem security could not be bigger. Organic food may or may not be more nutritious. But that is beside the point.

Source – Sunway Group